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Robotic avatars and tech experiences
Robots Crate has revolutionized the educational experience with its innovative and sophisticated robots that can teach and learn. Through its Metaverse and Immersive Experiences, students can gain a high-tech education in a safe and fun environment. This cutting-edge technology has opened the door to a world of possibilities, making learning more accessible and enjoyable. We are excited to continue growing and developing our robots to make learning more enjoyable and effective.
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Will robots inherit the earth? Yes, but they will be our children."- Marvin Minsky/MIT

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​Be part of cutting-edge developments and revolutionary inventions! through this Science and Research Program.

Assemble Robots, Learn to code in Python and GO. 

Learn ROS2 ,

Computer Aided Design, Electronics and

Hardware prototyping  development.

Use the Metaverse and NTF collections to finance your inventions.

The Inventions Store
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Certified Courses

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