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Unlock 100X Evolution Speed with Graphical,
Code-Free  Reinforcement Learning for Service and Host Robotics

This isn't just another Chat GPT app!

it's Deep Learning 3.0 for the physical realm. We achieve a 100-fold 
acceleration in replicating evolution within intelligent robotic brains through reinforcement learning, all without the need for coding. This groundbreaking solution is particularly valuable for applications in robotics focused on 
services, providing a rapid and efficient way to advance the capabilities of intelligent robotics

NLP, Computer Vision and Robotics

"Robots Crate has simplified the process of creating real-world machines and web solutions, from Robotic kiosks and Autonomous mechanisms to web avatars and virtual TV anchors. This cutting-edge technology has opened the door to a world of possibilities, making programming a graphical experience, more accessible, natural, and enjoyable.

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Customized Integration of A.I. into Web Avatars  or
Real World Machines

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Our graphical and visual solution is the key to connecting NLP, vision, and motion spatial modules,  integrating inputs like sensors and actuator outputs. But the secret sauce is to include reinforcement learning in the process. This creates machines that learn at "every step" they take, while the coder can train and supervise movements, object detection, mapping areas or functions using a graphical approach closer to human natural understanding ."

This way, a coder can focus on developing true robotic solutions instead of struggling with code. This saves time and improves results according to the desired objectives.

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Will robots inherit the earth? Yes, but they will be our children."- Marvin Minsky

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