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Bespoke inventions:
Telepresence Robotics Internships

Design and Imagine Ingenious Inventions. Build with Telepresence Robotic Mastery

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Seize the opportunity to kickstart your career by joining our Inventions Research and Development programs and gaining practical experience in leading-edge engineering disciplines, at the Robots Crate Invention's Store, our cutting-edge technology and inventions center.

Explore a wide range of inventions and technologies, our program presents a diverse array of opportunities spanning robotic medical science, disability support, prosthetics, thermodynamics, manufacturing, mechanical structures, robotics architecture, hardware, and software development.

Start an engineering journey bursting with exciting opportunities. 

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Remote work in the engineering and robotics industry encompasses tasks such as planning, design, research, data analysis, and documentation. Now, the landscape is evolving with opportunities using remote setups and remote telepresence robots, fostering flexibility and efficiency in specific R&D areas..


Remote set - ups 
Introducing our new set up: The New Robotic Panetarium where you can explore your imagination and connect remotely to  robotic experimentation environments.


Remote R&D engineering internships may seem daunting, but with Robots Crate, it transforms seamlessly into an enriching experience. Need assistance with the search process? Let us craft a tailored internship experience aligned with your goals and objectives. Start your career voyage with us today


Contact us.

If you have any questions or have decided to be part of an R&D project, leave us a message.

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Will robots inherit the earth? Yes, but they will be our children."
Marvin Minsky - MIT

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