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Ancla Press

At Robots-Crate, our mission is to develop robots for education comprehensively, integrating the physical and virtual worlds. We provide Laboratories, Immersive Expositions, and Teachable robots with the capacity to serve as teachers.


Our robots are designed to work in tandem with the metaverse, a virtual world that provides an almost unlimited range of possibilities. We believe that the physical and virtual worlds can be integrated to create a new, unique learning experience.


At the core of our system is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our AI algorithms are designed to understand and adapt to the user's environment, providing the most effective and efficient learning experience possible. AI also allows us to create robots capable of teaching complex topics.


We believe that integrating robots and the metaverse can open new educational doors. We strive to develop robots that are not only educational tools but also to create robots that can serve as teaching assistants. We want robots to become an integral part of the learning process.


We are excited to be part of this revolution in education, and we look forward to seeing how our robots can impact the learning experience.

Robots Crate Pitch.png
Robots Crate Pitch.png
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