rent a robot experience!

Live a sales experience with high recall. Position your brand or service in an unforgettable way.

Combine an interactive robot with an interactive floor projected in video, together with Cyclop 360 headsets, or design automated or avatar machines focused on sales.

With these systems we position your product, service or brand in an unforgettable way.

rent a brain!

Control robot avatars through internet or only by though.

you can use simple controls to move the body or even grab things with expandable limbs in robots.

Rent a human brain, use your own team or rent online specialists from robots crate network.

They are (human) medical helpers, (basic medical care only, not as physicians),  for disabled people, as information

supermarkets or museums assistants,

as vigilance and security guards.

Rent a vigilant brain or use your own staff

program your avatar for vigilance or information support

use it as remote sale system

use it as medical care help

use it as a robotic body for sale use.