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90% of people leave programming or invention professions within the first year

Human-Robot Friendship

Boredom and monotony as well as the difficulty of understanding concepts on a black screen adds complexity to continue programming or developping some invention in the long run.

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So, What are the options? 

Welcome to the Visual Inventors Bootcamp, where learning to be a codder or inventor is intuitive through the use of graphical learning tools.

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To achieve this you can select three options
1) Interactive Videos on your computer or cell phone
2) Interactive Video on our Cyclop platform, in the MEtaverse or through standard VR systems

Comming soon.jpg

Simply we've created the First Visual Bootcamp for future Inventors based on the Metaverse.

Have you ever wanted to learn to program but your mind was confused between the text and the black screen? Well, we make things easy for you. Now with Visual Coding, gain everything from basic coding skills to CAD and robotics experience.

Learn to make Apps using only Python (Anvil) Get certified in Python.


Learn to develop IOT platforms using Mosquito.

Learn CAD and Robotics environments


The courriculum and topics found during this program iare visually  developed for a great entry to technology in a mind-friendly way.

Software> Web Apps and Codding

Image by Max Duzij

Python Basics

Visual Bootcamp 1

Image by Max Duzij

Python Advanced

Visual Bootcamp 2

Image by Max Duzij


Visual Bootcamp 

Image by Max Duzij


Visual Bootcamp 


Image by Possessed Photography




Robot playing with toy


Raspberry, IOTs and Python for robotics

CAD , 3D and Gamming


GDevelop Visual  Bootcamp


for XR


Blender for XR

cad 1.JPG


Environments and Rapid Prototyping

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Become the CTO of your Inventions.

  • Identify competitive services and opportunities for innovation, assess marketplace obstacles and technical hurdles to the business success, etc.)

  • Lead strategic planning to achieve business goals by identifying and prioritizing initiatives while setting timetables for the evaluation, development, and deployment of all technology-based services.  Discuss best technological routes for overall continuous advancement.

  • Budget information systems to plan ahead.

  • Architect current technology including the inventory of technology assets.

  • Investigate applicable emerging technologies to fuel business growth.

  • Architect future technology in line with the business plan, strategy, and emerging technology.

  • Creating functional prototypes than include Hardware, Programing or Coding, Components, Mechanical design, Industrial Design, Chemical, Biotechnology or medical products, Etc.

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