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Robots Crate. “Inventions on Demand” offers technical management solutions in hardware development that also incorporate software, electronics, programing and components.

We create IOT web software connectors between real and virtual words


Find the support your looking for Prototyping, Concept development or Mass production.


Remote Internship Program . This is a Research program where you could be part of remote breaktrhough developments!.
We design and develop radical Ideas like artifitial hearts, prostesis, Solar trees and Robot assistants. Learn new technologies and create your own state of the art mechanism or solution in Hardware or Software. Just like working on  a State of the art technological company.  
... For Inventors, creatives and students with disruptive ideas and high level innovators. Open to  Mechanical, Civil, Electronics, Biotechnology, Medical Applications, Hardware etc. 



We do not develop internet pages.

We develop web platforms with design concept for data exchange, ICO / Tokenizer support, marketing, communications and Real World Internet Systems. We connect the real world with the virtual one through the internet


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Often times, small and medium-sized businesses have yet to optimize their hardware technology investments, lacking the experience to exploit the potential capabilities.  In many cases they know about technical systems however only partially, so  a CTO can provide support to create competitive advantages.

Virtual Tech CTO provides company leaders with experience in the application of technology to achieve the strategy and business objectives set. In this way, your company obtains the highest possible value from its investment in present and future technology. In addition, the CTO advises and designs based on types of technologies that will meet the strategic needs of your organization

This ensures that your investment in technology supports the strategic direction of the business.

cad research

Hardware CTO’s planning activities:

  • In partnership with the company’s management, identify opportunities and risks for delivering the company’s services. (Ex: Identify competitive services and opportunities for innovation, assess marketplace obstacles and technical hurdles to the business success, etc.)

  • Lead strategic planning to achieve business goals by identifying and prioritizing initiatives while setting timetables for the evaluation, development, and deployment of all technology-based services.  Discuss best technological routes for overall continuous advancement.

  • Budget information systems to plan ahead.

  • Architect current technology including the inventory of technology assets.

  • Investigate applicable emerging technologies to fuel business growth.

  • Architect future technology in line with the business plan, strategy, and emerging technology.

  • Provide assistance with documentation to company with industry regulations.

  • Creating functional prototypes than include Hardware, Programing or Coding, Components, Mechanical design, Industrial Design. Etc.

  • Create a Hardware Product / Hardware Production System

    • It should be noted that historically 3-4 prototypes are required prior to launch.

    • The average of an electromechanical system can go from 6 months to a year.

  • Coordinate manufacturing systems China, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan

  • Marketing support

    • Brand Building / Brand Design / Product Design

    • Coordination of Interactive documents, video or Website for promo

    • Promotional, Proposal and Coordination Challenges Vcrate.

The CTO will also participate as a member of the senior management team in establishing governance processes of direction and control to ensure that objectives are achieved.


Rapid Prototyping and MVP

We have 3D printing machines, CNC, laser cutters and thermoforming chambers, design and manufacturing systems for PCB and OTS prototypes, which allows us to generate the technical solutions in parts  and components that you require for your technical-commercial hardware design project.

Our technical team presents creative ways to prototype your idea, which are exposed to constant questioning from the development and design group, idea creators, and potential customers or clients. This with the aim of testing hypotheses and concepts that best suit the business objective while refining their technical functions.

Different prototypes of parts and components are generally developed throughout the product development process to evaluate their fit, form and function. The prototyping technique we use depends on the quality, timing, and functional requirements of the part. The creation of a minimum viable product prototype (MVP) generates response information or Feedback which is used as a basis for generating “second prototypes” and refining electrical, engineering, human-machine interface, software functions, etc. In a circular renewal and optimization system.

Minimum Viable Product.

For hardware, prototyping MVP is critical to testing and refining a physical product idea. The first step is to develop from scratch or manage customer-supplied CAD designs. CAD simulations are then developed to test the concept virtually. Finally the physical concept is developed.

The MVP hardware prototypes we build range from high-end quality pre-volume production models or for use as mockups at investment presentations or trade shows to low-quality prototypes for rapid response evaluation and usability testing.

Our proposal includes the development of 2 or 3 prototypes (structural parts) to test concepts and systems to achieve the optimum technical level possible according to the circular analysis of feedback and optimization of hardware, software, and human-machine interface components.



  • Basic Prototype (3 sub prototype options) First concept (feedback – technical, economic, user  focused)

  • Real Prototype calculations (Physics and Economics supported on Basic production Prototype)

  • Production Prototype.

  • Do you need to produce your product in high volume? Develop your prototype at the production level

  • We develop prototypes at the production level that go through all phases of change and optimization prior to series manufacturing.

  • Analyze the technical data received from the work done with the basic production prototype.

  • Construction of the first full-scale model

  • Development of corrections based on feedback

  • Construction of a full-scale model at the "production" level. (This step consists of repairing the first scale model or making a completely new one)


The manufacturing process “product”

It is not only essential to design the final product prototype prior to manufacturing. It is also essential to develop a manufacturing and production system. Which many times is as important as the commercial product, since the viability of costs and work depends on the mechanisms and platform that bring a product to life.

Smart Production

Find the support your looking for Prototyping, Concept development or Mass production.



Circular Economy Solution and Environmental Technologies

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"One Eye" VR / AR headset for enjoying cinema experiences like being in a big theater. 

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