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“You Ought to Know” What you need to know to create your first technical endeavor

Updated: May 17

"From Bedside to Robotics: A Visionary's Journey"

The Journey Begins

It was a life-altering moment that set me, at 9 years old, on an extraordinary path. A catastrophic car accident left me bedridden, undergoing harrowing surgeries – a nephrectomy, splenectomy, and stomach perforation repair. As I lay immobilized, tubes snaking from my body, an ethereal experience unfolded, whispers of the afterlife beckoning. But I emerged from this surreal matrix, my resilience forged by excruciating pain and a profound realization: the mind could transcend physical constraints.

A Kid and his Robot Friend
The Robotic Kid´s Dream

A Sanctuary in Books

In the absence of modern distractions, my world revolved around the pages of countless books gifted by my bibliophile father. Physics, Earth, Chemistry – a literary trove became my sanctuary, fueling dreams of robotic assistants and telepresence machines to navigate my medical challenges. A cardboard computer, a relic from 1988, marked my initiation into the world of computing, a primitive yet captivating handcrafted machine, made of cardboard by my mother.

The Birth of a Robotics Venture

The haunting echoes of the accident propelled me towards the genesis of Dragons & Bots, a robotics venture that birthed inventions ranging from Human Organ Transporters to automated Chocolate Machines. Over two decades, my repertoire expanded to include five companionable robots, robotic dessert makers, and eight giant museums showcasing cybernetic marvels, crowned by the first AI-endowed Robotic Planetarium.

The Unvarnished Reality Join me on this voyage as I share not only the triumphs and pitfalls but also the unvarnished reality – a stark reminder that in the entrepreneurial realm, dreams bow to the dictates of the market. Success emerges from the alignment of my aspirations with the struggles, desires, or entertainment needs of the audience.

This is an AI Robotic Dragon, Host at the Robotic Planetarium
The Scientist and the Dragon

Discover the best soil for your aspirations, and fortify yourself against monumental setbacks. The big lesson? Yes, I could create my Tech Endeavor, but I had to confront and know what I was going to walk through.

This is "You Ought to Know" from "Dragons and Bots" – a testament to the indomitable human spirit and the power of dreams to transcend even the direst of circumstances. D.B.

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