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Graphical Software

Use a graphical programming approach to create: robots, kiosks, vending machines,
web-Avatars, or web-Chatbots

"Robots Crate has simplified the process of creating real-world machines and web solutions, from Robotic kiosks and Autonomous mechanisms to web avatars and virtual TV anchors. This cutting-edge technology has opened the door to a world of possibilities, making programming a graphical experience, more accessible, natural, and enjoyable.

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We engineered a software platform that obviates the need for coding when utilizing NLP, Vision, and Reinforcement Learning solutions. This platform empowers individuals to effortlessly establish Kiosks and hardware-based robots through a code-free graphical software interface. Also web Avatars and Chatbots could become alive using this solution.
The software's scope encompasses Robots Crate's domain. Leveraging this software, we crafted robots capable of engaging in conversations with humans, Kiosks designed for dispensing information, and vending machines equipped with actuators and mechanisms that are, likewise, controlled via software. This architecture enables the definition of diverse topics through inputs like sensors, followed by a training process utilizing a graphical methodology, culminating in fortified outputs through reinforcement learning. 

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Notably, the entire process is graphical in nature, eliminating the need for conventional coding and allowing coders to channel their creativity unburdened by coding intricacies. Importantly, the platform operates within its own computing environment or server, negating the necessity of connecting to external LLMs over the internet, thereby ensuring precise information filtration and client data protection. This groundbreaking development garnered the prestigious CITI Product of the Year Award in 2019 from Citibank, commemorating YORI Robot—an android integrating this multifaceted software, enabling speech, voice recognition, vision capabilities, and interactive functionalities.

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